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Although many Christians might say, 'The church has a mission,'

it would be more accurate to say, 'The mission has a church.' (Alan Hirsch)


Mission or Missional?

The Living Well seeks to be a "missional church." What does that mean? Well, to be "missional" means that we are all sent out into the world; we're not simply waiting for people to come to us. Being "missional"  means we are not content with missions being the responsibility of a few "Super Christians" in faraway lands. Rather, it applies to the whole life of every believer.

Every disciple of Jesus is an ambassador,

an agent, a representative of the kingdom of God; and every follower can carry the mission of God into every sphere of their life.

We are all missionaries sent into the world.


(Global & Local Outreach)

Our GLO Team supports several of our missionary families around the globe, and several more in local mission work here at home. In addition, we partner with organizations in Kalamazoo to help meet the needs of people in our communities. And most importantly, we work to equip everyday followers of Jesus to be missionaries in their neighborhoods, schools, jobs...and anywhere else we find ourselves!


Questions? Want to get connected with the GLO team? Email [email protected] 

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